The ultimate night cruise on the Pearl River in Guangzhou

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When you come to Guangzhou, you must not miss the night cruise on the Pearl River. As one of the “Eight Sights of Yangcheng” in Guangzhou, the Pearl River night cruise is a beautiful highlight of Guangzhou tourism. The Pearl River is 2,129 kilometers long, making it the third longest river in China. It includes several tributaries such as the Dongjiang, Xijiang, and Beijiang, which converge in the Guangzhou section of the river. At night, the dazzling lights on both sides of the river create a charming escort guangzhou scenery.

The Pearl River night cruise is a water tour service pioneered by Guangzhou Ferry Company, with a strong southern Chinese flavor. After decades of development, it now has several tourist piers including Tianzi, Xidi, Fangcun, and Zhongda. It also has more than ten cruise ships, such as the Information Times, “Mingzhu” series luxury cruise ships, and “Baiou” European-style luxury yachts. Among them, the Information Times is one of the most luxurious sightseeing cruise ships on inland rivers in China. Its “crystal palace” transparent design is more attractive for sightseeing. The cruise ship also provides specialty buffet, exotic song and dance performances, and on-board tour guide services. During the tour, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yangcheng, such as the Pearl River Danxin, Guangzhou Tower, and Autumn Moon over the Pearl River. There are also many cultural and historical attractions, such as the Southern Building, Aiqun Building, Guangzhou Hotel, Huaxia Hotel, Jiangwan Hotel, Ersha Haizhu Square Garden, and Shameen Western-style buildings.

Currently, there are several boarding piers, including Dashatou Pier, Tianzi Pier, Guangzhou Tower Pier, Fangcun Pier, Provincial General Pier, and Zhongda Pier. Among them, “Tianzi Pier” is the oldest ferry pier in use in Guangzhou. It is located at 200 Along Jiangzhong Road, Yuexiu District and was included in the “Eight Sights of Yangcheng” during the Song Dynasty. Till now, Tianzi Pier is still the largest and busiest pier for the Pearl River night cruise, and it is very convenient for guangzhou escort service visitors who want to take a boat trip after shopping on Beijing Road in the afternoon. However, no matter which pier you board the cruise ship from, the routes are basically the same, so visitors can choose the pier based on the distance.

Visitors who want to take the night cruise on the Pearl River can purchase tickets online in advance. It is recommended to choose a departure time between 19:00 and 20:00. However, due to tides and cruise ship operations, the schedule may be changed or delayed, so it is best to arrive at the pier half an hour in advance to exchange tickets to avoid missing the cruise. Currently, many online ticket packages include buffet meals, but the variety of food is limited and the value for money is not high, so it is not highly recommended to purchase them.

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