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The Guangzhou Tower, also known as Guangzhou TV Tower or “Small Waist”, is one of the iconic landmarks in Guangzhou. It officially opened to the public on September 30, 2010. It is currently the world’s tallest and most slender building (with a diameter of just over 30 meters at its narrowest point) and the most challenging construction project. It is also China’s first and the world’s third tallest tourist observation tower.

With a total height of 600 meters, the main tower is 450 meters tall, and the antenna mast is 150 meters tall. It features a super-tall structure, unique design, and complex shape, with the most amount of steel used in its construction. The Guangzhou escort Tower has five major functional areas, including sightseeing, celebrations, exhibitions, dining, and entertainment. It includes a 488-meter-high outdoor observation deck, a high-altitude horizontal Ferris wheel, extreme thrill rides, as well as two observation decks, a skywalk, a ladder, 4D and 3D cinemas, a revolving restaurant, exhibition facilities, and a science museum. The revolving restaurant is located on the 106th floor of the Guangzhou Tower and consists of four restaurants: the Xuanji Mediterranean Buffet (the world’s highest revolving restaurant), the Lotus French revolving restaurant, the Yuejiaoxuan Chinese restaurant, and the KuaiZiHui restaurant.

The entertainment options at the Guangzhou Tower include the “Ferris Wheel,” “Vertical Drop Experience,” and “Spider-Man Skywalk.” The Ferris Wheel is located at the top of the tower, between 450-454 meters, and is the highest Ferris wheel in the world. It consists of 16 sightseeing capsules that rotate together, with each capsule having a diameter of 3.2 meters and accommodating 4-6 passengers. Unlike traditional Ferris wheels that are vertically suspended, this one operates along an inclined track. It takes approximately 20 minutes for a complete rotation, allowing visitors to enjoy panoramic views of Guangzhou and its stunning night scenery. Please note that the single ticket price for this activity is 130 yuan per person and does not include the tower admission ticket.

The “Spider-Man Skywalk” is located between 168 meters and 334.4 meters of the Guangzhou Tower, with a total length of approximately 1000 meters and a height difference of 166.4 meters. Each level of the walkway has three fully transparent glass floors. The starting point is on the 33rd floor, and the endpoint is on the 62nd floor. It usually takes 40 minutes to 1 hour to complete the entire walk, with the fastest time being 25 minutes. During the walk, visitors are not allowed to run, jump, or cross the handrails. One staff member accompanies every group of 10 visitors to ensure their safety. Rest areas are available on the 42nd, 54th, and 62nd floors, where visitors can take breaks and have a drink. Those who decide not to continue can take an elevator back down.

In addition, the “Vertical Drop Experience” amusement ride holds the Guinness World Record for the “Highest Thrill Ride.” The drop seats here are 150 meters higher than the previous highest bungee jump in Las Vegas. It has become a popular choice for thrill-seekers.

The Guangzhou Escorts prices for different attractions within the Guangzhou Tower vary. It is recommended to choose tickets according to your own needs and consider purchasing them online for discounts. For the best photo spots, the open-air observation deck on the 32nd floor is recommended. There are no glass barriers, allowing direct interaction with the outside scenery. From the north side, you can overlook the entire New Axis of Guangzhou. Whether it’s a solo shot or a group photo, the results are impressive.

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