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The Guangzhou Ritz-Carlton Hotel was established in 2008 by the international luxury hotel management group Ritz-Carlton and Guangzhou R&F Properties. It is the earliest international luxury five-star Guangzhou escorts hotel.

Located in the core area of Zhujiang New Town, the central business district of Guangzhou, the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou is adjacent to Zhujiang New Town East Tower, Guangzhou Museum, and Guangzhou Library. It also faces the Canton Tower across the river, enjoying a unique geographical location. Since its establishment, the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou has maintained high standards in terms of hardware and software, and has received numerous awards both domestically and internationally. In 2010, it was awarded the “Best Luxury Hotel in China” at the Asian Hotel Forum. After being selected as a reviewing city by Forbes Travel Guide in 2015, the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou has remained one of the three Forbes five-star hotels in Guangzhou for the past three years.

The decoration of the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou Hotel is mainly in European and American colonial style, with 351 rooms located from the 20th floor of the main building. It includes executive floor rooms and suites with higher prices. The rooms are equipped with walk-in closets, in-room safes, minibars, etc. The room style is classical and exquisite, with a soft and warm color tone. Although it was built earlier, the maintenance of the room facilities is still considerable.

The price of regular rooms at the hotel ranges from 1700 yuan to 2400 yuan, while executive floor rooms are mostly priced between 2400 yuan and 3300 yuan. The prices of suites range from over 2000 yuan to 5000 yuan. The Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou was one of the earliest luxury hotels in Guangzhou to have an executive floor, which has gained a good reputation among business guests. The executive floor, also known as the VIP floor, provides exclusive services, decorations, and prices that are higher than those of regular floors.

Since the arrival of executive guests, the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou has provided arrival car pick-up services and attentive follow-ups. During the stay, guests can also enjoy free car shuttle services within Zhujiang New Town. The executive lounge on the 33rd floor provides dining services in five time periods daily, with 24-hour availability of snacks and soft drinks. The service is considerate and the space is comfortable and private. The executive floor has 35 suites and 58 executive rooms, with the Presidential Suite “Ritz-Carlton Suite” located on the 38th floor. The Guangzhou escort service on the executive floor is more meticulous and personalized compared to regular floors, and guests can directly check-in and check-out at the executive lounge for convenience.

The dining and business facilities at the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou are also outstanding, with well-regarded restaurants such as FOODS buffet restaurant, Li Xuan Chinese restaurant, LIMONI Italian restaurant, and Churchill Cigar Bar. The hotel’s newly completed luxury banquet hall, with an area of 1200 square meters, is currently the largest banquet hall in the CBD. The hotel also has a total of over 3200 square meters of functional activity areas, providing professional business services suitable for business meetings, formal conferences, banquets, and other events.

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