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Sotelai Hotel Group entered China in 2011 and has five sub-brands under its umbrella. This themed hotel belongs to the AMORE series of the Sotelai Group, which, with its strong sense of design, is distinctly different from the styles of “Love of Thousands” and “Angel Lovers”. Its enclosed atmosphere is closer to Japan’s underground love hotels, making it less likely to go out of style.

The pink Hello Kitty room has made Sotelai extremely popular online, but its biggest feature is definitely not just this room. The reflective metal design at the entrance easily associates it with Guangzhou Escort nightclubs and bars. The corridors are dim, with the bluish lights overhead like stars, reflected on the geometrically cut mirrors, creating a somewhat disoriented feeling.

The 28 rooms are divided into six series, with walls, mirrored ceilings, and Gothic-style phones blending together under the lights. Especially the “Purple Haze”, “Emerald Fields”, and “Dreamland” series, which make extensive use of mirrored elements, in the windowless, cramped spaces, the entire room is integrated, and you won’t easily focus your sight on any particular detail, but rather have the illusion of being in a bustling city under the night sky. This strong sense of illusion is probably the perfect embellishment for young people seeking pleasure. The washroom and bathroom are separate, the doors are opaque, and there is no bathtub. Basic amenities like toothbrushes and shower products are provided, along with disposable slippers, but no drying slippers. The hygiene is generally good, with a few online consumer reviews criticizing the cleanliness, and the soundproofing is not very good either.

Compared to other excellent love hotels, Sotelai’s basic experience has flaws, but interestingly, what attracts countless young people is its style over substance. The front desk service is in place, check-in is smooth, and sometimes they even help guests with their luggage. Sotelai’s occupancy rate can reach 80% on weekdays and is fully booked on weekends. Its popularity is due, at least in part, to its location in the bustling Xingsheng Road bar street in Zhujiang New Town, so it’s best to book in advance if you’re interested in experiencing it.

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