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The Angel Lover Guangzhou store opened at the end of 2016, following the style of six other branches in Shenzhen and Dongguan, created by 30 senior designers with five series of room types. In Guangzhou, the strong couple hotel style of Angel Lover is second only to Wanai, yet sweeter and more subtle than Wanai. It once provided a shooting location for Tencent’s “Internet Celebrity Beautiful Women Fashion Photography Contest”. Canopies, bead curtains, colored lights, and open bathtubs are classic elements of couple hotels. Angel Lover combines these elements with a well-arranged room layout, rich visual layers, and details such as flowers, murals, and lighting fixtures, showing a sense of design. The large color blocks of walls and bay windows show a simple temperament, and even the rooms with a seductive red tone and the atmosphere of flowing time do not seem too enchanting, overall leaning towards an elegant and fresh style.

The two Tian Gong rooms have quite different styles and are the most expensive, with walls adorned with Western royal oil paintings and beds in the style of Western courts, but lacking a bit in the couple theme fun. Angel Lover has five series, with 32 rooms in total. Upon inserting the room card, pop music automatically plays, a rarity in Guangzhou escort hotels, instantly lifting guests’ moods and helping them relax. The bathroom doors and restroom glass use a frosted effect, sparing shy couples from embarrassment. The bath towels and disposable slippers are sterilized and sealed for peace of mind, and there are also drying slippers, making it convenient to move around after a shower.

More than twenty Angel and Fairy series rooms have windows with good lighting and elegant bay windows; each room has a massage bathtub, with gentle jets at the bottom and some bathtubs also featuring a surfing function on the sides for an enhanced bathing pleasure. The front desk offers bubble baths in rose and milk scents, which guests love, but they must be purchased separately. Some Tianjiao series rooms have windows, while the Tianci series rooms are the cheapest, smaller and without windows, which should be considered carefully. Angel Lover appears brand new and clean from the corridors to the interiors. The soundproofing is generally good, though some rooms are narrow and small, with slight noise from the roadside. The service is somewhat indifferent, but responsive, not affecting the experience. Some rooms have separate bathrooms and restrooms, while others share, and a very few have no bathroom doors, which should be noted when choosing a room.

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