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Si Yan Li is one of the leaders in the domestic beauty industry, founded in 1996. Currently, it has more than 150 beauty salons nationwide, with about 110 of them being company-owned stores. As an established beauty salon, Si Yan Li has over the years won numerous honors such as the National Quality Integrity Excellent Enterprise, China’s Best Beauty Employer, Consumer’s Most Satisfied Chain Brand, and Shanghai’s Famous Trademark, earning a stellar reputation in the industry.

Si Yan Li offers a wide variety of services and is well-equipped with facilities. In addition to introducing French skincare brands Decleor and Esthederm, in 2012, Si Yan Li launched its own brand DR Bio, offering products with various effects such as anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, whitening and moisturizing, and eye care. The company has also made significant investments in equipment, successively launching the DR.Power Summer introduction instrument, E-STYLE Aurora skin instrument, and the Power Shape VELA Smooth body sculpting device, to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning the training Si Yan Li provides for its beauticians. All beauticians hired by the company hold nationally recognized beautician certificates and have over one year of work experience in the beauty industry. Upon joining Si Yan Li, the company also provides about two months of skill training for new employees, ensuring that each beautician can offer the most professional beauty services to customers.

Si Yan Li has four directly-operated stores in Guangzhou, among which the Wan Hui Hui store and the Sinopec store are new stores opened in 2017, formed by splitting the staff from the original Times Square store. Among the four stores, the Gaode Land store, which has the longest operating time and the best consumer reputation, is Si Yan Li’s flagship store in Guangzhou.

The Gaode Land store is located in the Gaode Land Autumn Plaza in Zhujiang New Town. The store continues Si Yan Li’s unified Chinese-style decoration, spacious, bright, and classically elegant. The Guangzhou escorts store has more than a dozen rooms, each treatment room is equipped with a shower, allowing customers to shower directly in the room before and after treatment, without having to go in and out. The treatment rooms are divided into single and double rooms, and if you are visiting with a friend, you can inform the staff in advance to reserve a double room. The store has a lounge where customers can enjoy a serving of sweet soup provided by the store after their treatment, and men waiting for their other halves can rest and surf the internet here. The overall level of the Gaode Land store staff is good, with attentive service. Every customer who enters the store can enjoy enthusiastic and thoughtful service, and beauticians will also give professional daily care advice based on the different situations of customers, without discriminating based on the amount spent.

The service prices of Si Yan Li’s stores in Guangzhou are relatively uniform, with the single price of basic facial care being about 500 yuan/time or more, which is moderate. For customers who need long-term facial care, it is worth considering getting a membership card. Si Yan Li’s membership cards are divided into annual cards and session cards, and new members can enjoy lower discount benefits. Notably, Si Yan Li’s membership cards are universally accepted nationwide, so if you get a membership card in the Guangzhou area, you can also use it in other cities. However, all four of Si Yan Li’s stores in Guangzhou are located in the Tianhe District, so customers from other districts might need to spend a bit more time on transportation if they want to experience Si Yan Li’s services.

It’s important to note that if you want to visit the store for treatment, you need to make an appointment at least one day in advance, and Si Yan Li’s stores use their own company’s care products, generally not recommending customers to bring their own products to the store.

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