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Jinyi Zudao is an old foot massage establishment in Guangzhou, having been in operation for nearly 20 years with a very good reputation. Currently, Jinyi Zudao has three branches: Baogang, Dongfeng, and Nanhua.

Unlike most foot massage shops that cover a wide range of services including massage, chess and card games, and beauty treatments, foot massage is the main service offered at Jinyi Zudao. The pricing is straightforward and varies depending on whether you choose the hall, a private room, or a garden view room, with a difference of ten to twenty yuan between them. The technicians here are generally highly skilled, performing massages from the shoulders to the waist, and then to the hands and head, with a complete set of techniques. The Guangzhou Escort massage is not the kind that makes one drowsy but is intended to relieve tension in the muscles, so the pressure is quite deep and can cause a noticeable soreness. However, the massaged areas become very relaxed afterwards.

Jinyi Zudao has a complete service system with very fast response times, standing out in the industry. There is no distinction between junior and senior technicians; assignments are made randomly based on the schedule, but waiters will ask customers if they have a preference for the technician’s gender. Additionally, a dedicated person is responsible for collecting used foot soaking tubs, and technicians stay with the customer from the beginning to the end of the appointed time without any upselling. As for services beyond tea, snacks, and ordering meals, waiters handle them. If a customer ends their session early, the front desk will immediately inquire about the reason, ensuring excellent service. Also, the provision of air conditioning blankets and disposable non-woven fabrics is considered thoughtful and hygienic.

Jinyi Zudao’s shops have been renovated and do not look like they have been in business for 20 years. Although it is a foot-washing place, the garden-style decoration and elegant environment make a very comfortable first impression.

Jinyi Zudao has always been doing well, especially during the night when it tends to be busier, so it is recommended to make a reservation in advance, or else the waiting time might be long. It’s important to note that foot massage shops generally do not have storage lockers, and if you choose a foot massage in the hall, the environment can be relatively noisy with people coming and going, so be sure to take care of your personal belongings.

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