The international luxury hotel Ritz-Carlton

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The Guangzhou Ritz-Carlton Hotel was established in 2008 by the international luxury hotel management group Ritz-Carlton and Guangzhou R&F Properties. It is the earliest international luxury five-star Guangzhou escorts hotel.

Located in the core area of Zhujiang New Town, the central business district of Guangzhou, the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou is adjacent to Zhujiang New Town East Tower, Guangzhou Museum, and Guangzhou Library. It also faces the Canton Tower across the river, enjoying a unique geographical location. Since its establishment, the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou has maintained high standards in terms of hardware and software, and has received numerous awards both domestically and internationally. In 2010, it was awarded the “Best Luxury Hotel in China” at the Asian Hotel Forum. After being selected as a reviewing city by Forbes Travel Guide in 2015, the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou has remained one of the three Forbes five-star hotels in Guangzhou for the past three years.

The decoration of the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou Hotel is mainly in European and American colonial style, with 351 rooms located from the 20th floor of the main building. It includes executive floor rooms and suites with higher prices. The rooms are equipped with walk-in closets, in-room safes, minibars, etc. The room style is classical and exquisite, with a soft and warm color tone. Although it was built earlier, the maintenance of the room facilities is still considerable.

The price of regular rooms at the hotel ranges from 1700 yuan to 2400 yuan, while executive floor rooms are mostly priced between 2400 yuan and 3300 yuan. The prices of suites range from over 2000 yuan to 5000 yuan. The Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou was one of the earliest luxury hotels in Guangzhou to have an executive floor, which has gained a good reputation among business guests. The executive floor, also known as the VIP floor, provides exclusive services, decorations, and prices that are higher than those of regular floors.

Since the arrival of executive guests, the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou has provided arrival car pick-up services and attentive follow-ups. During the stay, guests can also enjoy free car shuttle services within Zhujiang New Town. The executive lounge on the 33rd floor provides dining services in five time periods daily, with 24-hour availability of snacks and soft drinks. The service is considerate and the space is comfortable and private. The executive floor has 35 suites and 58 executive rooms, with the Presidential Suite “Ritz-Carlton Suite” located on the 38th floor. The Guangzhou escort service on the executive floor is more meticulous and personalized compared to regular floors, and guests can directly check-in and check-out at the executive lounge for convenience.

The dining and business facilities at the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou are also outstanding, with well-regarded restaurants such as FOODS buffet restaurant, Li Xuan Chinese restaurant, LIMONI Italian restaurant, and Churchill Cigar Bar. The hotel’s newly completed luxury banquet hall, with an area of 1200 square meters, is currently the largest banquet hall in the CBD. The hotel also has a total of over 3200 square meters of functional activity areas, providing professional business services suitable for business meetings, formal conferences, banquets, and other events.

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The White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou

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The White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou is located at Shamian White Goose Pond in Guangzhou City and is considered by many locals to be the most legendary hotel in the area. The hotel was jointly invested and constructed by the well-known Hong Kong entrepreneur Mr. Huo Yingdong and the Guangdong Provincial Government. It opened in 1983 as the first Sino-foreign joint venture five-star hotel in China and is also one of the most famous five-star hotels in the country.

In 2015, the White Swan Hotel reopened to the public with a brand-new look after four years of renovation, continuing to write its legendary story. As the first five-star hotel opened to the public after 1949, the White Swan Hotel is also a symbol of China’s reform and opening up, making it a worthwhile experience for visitors to Guangzhou. However, the hotel is located in the old city area, which might be less convenient for business travelers who frequently visit the new CBD. Over the past 30 years of operation, the White Swan Hotel has hosted over 150 heads of state and royal family members from more than 40 countries, including the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, former U.S. Presidents Nixon and Bush along with his wife Barbara, and former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew, among others. Barbara Bush even praised the White Swan Hotel as “the best hotel in the world” after returning to her country. The most talked-about visit in the hotel’s guest list is that of Queen Elizabeth II in 1986, whose visit caused quite a stir in Guangzhou, which had just opened its doors to the world. The Rolls-Royce used by the Queen during her visit is displayed in front of the White Swan, becoming a symbol of the hotel. The newly renovated White Swan Hotel retains its traditional Chinese Lingnan style with an elegant and luxurious decoration style, offering a new aesthetic experience for business travelers accustomed to Western-style five-star hotels.

The hotel has 520 luxury rooms and suites, with room sizes ranging from 60 to 90 square meters, leading the way in both the number and size of rooms in Guangzhou. The rooms are clean, simple, and elegantly decorated, all equipped with executive desks, making them very convenient for guangzhou escorts business travel. The layout of the executive rooms and suites is more rational and comfortable with a strong business style, while the standard rooms are somewhat inferior, featuring a design distinct from that of international first-line five-star hotels, leaving it up to personal preference. The rooms offer a panoramic view of the river, Shamian’s landscape, and the architecture of various countries, providing a quiet and serene environment. The room prices are relatively affordable compared to other five-star hotels, with the lowest standard room priced at only 900 RMB, executive deluxe rooms priced within 2300 RMB, and the lowest suite priced at only 2600 RMB.

The White Swan Hotel has always maintained a very high standard in dining. Currently, the hotel houses the Jade Hall, which specializes in classic Cantonese cuisine and is a CNPP100-ranked restaurant in Guangzhou. There’s also the Silk Road focusing on Western cuisine, the Flavors Restaurant offering a variety of cuisines, the Café Cascade buffet restaurant, the Moon Rabbit bar for afternoon tea and drinks, and the Gourmet House for baked goods, all of which are renowned throughout the city and have a prestigious reputation. Additionally, the hotel boasts a SPA therapy center, an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and meeting facilities covering a total area of 2500 square meters, offering a comprehensive range of facilities.

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The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Guangzhou

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The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Guangzhou is one of the few high-end hotels in the city to have received a five-star rating from the Forbes Travel Guide, renowned for its reputation and located within Guangzhou’s premier shopping center, TaiKoo Hui, at the heart of the Tianhe business district, offering convenient transportation.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, to which the Guangzhou Mandarin Oriental Hotel belongs, is a leading company in the luxury hotel industry, with a long history and numerous honors. It has five hotels that have received the Forbes Travel Guide’s five-star rating for hotels, restaurants, and spas, making it the hotel group with the most such honors globally. As a part of the Mandarin Oriental, the Guangzhou Mandarin Oriental Hotel is no less distinguished than the other hotels, having been awarded the Golden List Recommended Hotel by Condé Nast Traveler for two consecutive years.

Mandarin Oriental hotels worldwide have a large fan base, including celebrities such as Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Sophie Marceau, Maggie Cheung, and Karen Mok; during the 2017 International Champions Cup in Guangzhou, the Bundesliga team Borussia Dortmund chose the Guangzhou Mandarin Oriental Hotel as their hotel for rest and accommodation. The hotel’s design was masterminded by the international hotel design master, Tony Chi, featuring a tough and cool style, understated luxury, blending traditional Oriental elements with Lingnan architectural style, and possessing a unique taste.

The hotel has 233 guest rooms and 30 suites, decorated in a simple modern style without losing the classical charm. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, with the basic room type covering an area of 60 square meters. The interior space arrangement is excellent, with a mini-bar, bathroom, dressing room, master bedroom, and living space well organized and interconnected. All rooms are equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows, with curtains that are hung from bottom to top, creating an exquisite visual effect; although the view is somewhat inferior to that of the Four Seasons Hotel, it still overlooks the bustling streetscape. The details in the rooms are thoughtfully designed, including bathroom amenities, washstands, furniture, decorative artworks, and even the switch panels, all reflecting the hotel’s meticulous attention to detail quality. The prices for rooms in the Mandarin Oriental range from 1600 to 2300 yuan, and suites range from 3000 to 4000 yuan, with the most luxurious Mandarin Suite’s pricing available upon inquiry before stay. As a luxury five-star hotel, the dining standard of the Guangzhou Mandarin Oriental Hotel matches its status, with in-house dining options such as Jiang by Chef Wong, EBONY, Yi Feng Court, LOFT bar, Mandarin Cake Shop, MIX by Mandarin Oriental, offering everything from classic Cantonese cuisine to Western meals and pastries, all exquisitely made. The Oriental Club Executive Lounge on the 24th floor is also a distinctive area, incorporating reception, rest, dining, reading, and meeting functions.

Mandarin Oriental also owns an award-winning spa center, leading in hardware facilities in Guangzhou, where therapists help customers choose professional Guangzhou escort service based on individual conditions. In the 2016 Hurun Report’s “Hurun Best of the Best Awards,” the Guangzhou Mandarin Oriental Hotel was awarded “Best Executive Lounge in Guangzhou” and “Top Spa in Guangzhou.” Excellent service is also an important reason why the Guangzhou Mandarin Oriental is well-received. The hotel’s service is very personalized, carefully recording each customer’s special needs, making targeted arrangements according to guests’ personalities, with courteous and meticulous staff, making guests feel comfortable. Overall, the hotel is of high quality, understated and comfortable, and adjacent to large shopping malls, business districts, and transportation hubs, making it a good choice for both business trips and leisure travel.

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Sotelai Couple Hotel

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Sotelai Hotel Group entered China in 2011 and has five sub-brands under its umbrella. This themed hotel belongs to the AMORE series of the Sotelai Group, which, with its strong sense of design, is distinctly different from the styles of “Love of Thousands” and “Angel Lovers”. Its enclosed atmosphere is closer to Japan’s underground love hotels, making it less likely to go out of style.

The pink Hello Kitty room has made Sotelai extremely popular online, but its biggest feature is definitely not just this room. The reflective metal design at the entrance easily associates it with Guangzhou Escort nightclubs and bars. The corridors are dim, with the bluish lights overhead like stars, reflected on the geometrically cut mirrors, creating a somewhat disoriented feeling.

The 28 rooms are divided into six series, with walls, mirrored ceilings, and Gothic-style phones blending together under the lights. Especially the “Purple Haze”, “Emerald Fields”, and “Dreamland” series, which make extensive use of mirrored elements, in the windowless, cramped spaces, the entire room is integrated, and you won’t easily focus your sight on any particular detail, but rather have the illusion of being in a bustling city under the night sky. This strong sense of illusion is probably the perfect embellishment for young people seeking pleasure. The washroom and bathroom are separate, the doors are opaque, and there is no bathtub. Basic amenities like toothbrushes and shower products are provided, along with disposable slippers, but no drying slippers. The hygiene is generally good, with a few online consumer reviews criticizing the cleanliness, and the soundproofing is not very good either.

Compared to other excellent love hotels, Sotelai’s basic experience has flaws, but interestingly, what attracts countless young people is its style over substance. The front desk service is in place, check-in is smooth, and sometimes they even help guests with their luggage. Sotelai’s occupancy rate can reach 80% on weekdays and is fully booked on weekends. Its popularity is due, at least in part, to its location in the bustling Xingsheng Road bar street in Zhujiang New Town, so it’s best to book in advance if you’re interested in experiencing it.

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Angel Lover Guangzhou store

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The Angel Lover Guangzhou store opened at the end of 2016, following the style of six other branches in Shenzhen and Dongguan, created by 30 senior designers with five series of room types. In Guangzhou, the strong couple hotel style of Angel Lover is second only to Wanai, yet sweeter and more subtle than Wanai. It once provided a shooting location for Tencent’s “Internet Celebrity Beautiful Women Fashion Photography Contest”. Canopies, bead curtains, colored lights, and open bathtubs are classic elements of couple hotels. Angel Lover combines these elements with a well-arranged room layout, rich visual layers, and details such as flowers, murals, and lighting fixtures, showing a sense of design. The large color blocks of walls and bay windows show a simple temperament, and even the rooms with a seductive red tone and the atmosphere of flowing time do not seem too enchanting, overall leaning towards an elegant and fresh style.

The two Tian Gong rooms have quite different styles and are the most expensive, with walls adorned with Western royal oil paintings and beds in the style of Western courts, but lacking a bit in the couple theme fun. Angel Lover has five series, with 32 rooms in total. Upon inserting the room card, pop music automatically plays, a rarity in Guangzhou escort hotels, instantly lifting guests’ moods and helping them relax. The bathroom doors and restroom glass use a frosted effect, sparing shy couples from embarrassment. The bath towels and disposable slippers are sterilized and sealed for peace of mind, and there are also drying slippers, making it convenient to move around after a shower.

More than twenty Angel and Fairy series rooms have windows with good lighting and elegant bay windows; each room has a massage bathtub, with gentle jets at the bottom and some bathtubs also featuring a surfing function on the sides for an enhanced bathing pleasure. The front desk offers bubble baths in rose and milk scents, which guests love, but they must be purchased separately. Some Tianjiao series rooms have windows, while the Tianci series rooms are the cheapest, smaller and without windows, which should be considered carefully. Angel Lover appears brand new and clean from the corridors to the interiors. The soundproofing is generally good, though some rooms are narrow and small, with slight noise from the roadside. The service is somewhat indifferent, but responsive, not affecting the experience. Some rooms have separate bathrooms and restrooms, while others share, and a very few have no bathroom doors, which should be noted when choosing a room.

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Si Yan Li Spa Guangzhou

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Si Yan Li is one of the leaders in the domestic beauty industry, founded in 1996. Currently, it has more than 150 beauty salons nationwide, with about 110 of them being company-owned stores. As an established beauty salon, Si Yan Li has over the years won numerous honors such as the National Quality Integrity Excellent Enterprise, China’s Best Beauty Employer, Consumer’s Most Satisfied Chain Brand, and Shanghai’s Famous Trademark, earning a stellar reputation in the industry.

Si Yan Li offers a wide variety of services and is well-equipped with facilities. In addition to introducing French skincare brands Decleor and Esthederm, in 2012, Si Yan Li launched its own brand DR Bio, offering products with various effects such as anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, whitening and moisturizing, and eye care. The company has also made significant investments in equipment, successively launching the DR.Power Summer introduction instrument, E-STYLE Aurora skin instrument, and the Power Shape VELA Smooth body sculpting device, to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning the training Si Yan Li provides for its beauticians. All beauticians hired by the company hold nationally recognized beautician certificates and have over one year of work experience in the beauty industry. Upon joining Si Yan Li, the company also provides about two months of skill training for new employees, ensuring that each beautician can offer the most professional beauty services to customers.

Si Yan Li has four directly-operated stores in Guangzhou, among which the Wan Hui Hui store and the Sinopec store are new stores opened in 2017, formed by splitting the staff from the original Times Square store. Among the four stores, the Gaode Land store, which has the longest operating time and the best consumer reputation, is Si Yan Li’s flagship store in Guangzhou.

The Gaode Land store is located in the Gaode Land Autumn Plaza in Zhujiang New Town. The store continues Si Yan Li’s unified Chinese-style decoration, spacious, bright, and classically elegant. The Guangzhou escorts store has more than a dozen rooms, each treatment room is equipped with a shower, allowing customers to shower directly in the room before and after treatment, without having to go in and out. The treatment rooms are divided into single and double rooms, and if you are visiting with a friend, you can inform the staff in advance to reserve a double room. The store has a lounge where customers can enjoy a serving of sweet soup provided by the store after their treatment, and men waiting for their other halves can rest and surf the internet here. The overall level of the Gaode Land store staff is good, with attentive service. Every customer who enters the store can enjoy enthusiastic and thoughtful service, and beauticians will also give professional daily care advice based on the different situations of customers, without discriminating based on the amount spent.

The service prices of Si Yan Li’s stores in Guangzhou are relatively uniform, with the single price of basic facial care being about 500 yuan/time or more, which is moderate. For customers who need long-term facial care, it is worth considering getting a membership card. Si Yan Li’s membership cards are divided into annual cards and session cards, and new members can enjoy lower discount benefits. Notably, Si Yan Li’s membership cards are universally accepted nationwide, so if you get a membership card in the Guangzhou area, you can also use it in other cities. However, all four of Si Yan Li’s stores in Guangzhou are located in the Tianhe District, so customers from other districts might need to spend a bit more time on transportation if they want to experience Si Yan Li’s services.

It’s important to note that if you want to visit the store for treatment, you need to make an appointment at least one day in advance, and Si Yan Li’s stores use their own company’s care products, generally not recommending customers to bring their own products to the store.

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Jinyi Foot Massage Guangzhou

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Jinyi Zudao is an old foot massage establishment in Guangzhou, having been in operation for nearly 20 years with a very good reputation. Currently, Jinyi Zudao has three branches: Baogang, Dongfeng, and Nanhua.

Unlike most foot massage shops that cover a wide range of services including massage, chess and card games, and beauty treatments, foot massage is the main service offered at Jinyi Zudao. The pricing is straightforward and varies depending on whether you choose the hall, a private room, or a garden view room, with a difference of ten to twenty yuan between them. The technicians here are generally highly skilled, performing massages from the shoulders to the waist, and then to the hands and head, with a complete set of techniques. The Guangzhou Escort massage is not the kind that makes one drowsy but is intended to relieve tension in the muscles, so the pressure is quite deep and can cause a noticeable soreness. However, the massaged areas become very relaxed afterwards.

Jinyi Zudao has a complete service system with very fast response times, standing out in the industry. There is no distinction between junior and senior technicians; assignments are made randomly based on the schedule, but waiters will ask customers if they have a preference for the technician’s gender. Additionally, a dedicated person is responsible for collecting used foot soaking tubs, and technicians stay with the customer from the beginning to the end of the appointed time without any upselling. As for services beyond tea, snacks, and ordering meals, waiters handle them. If a customer ends their session early, the front desk will immediately inquire about the reason, ensuring excellent service. Also, the provision of air conditioning blankets and disposable non-woven fabrics is considered thoughtful and hygienic.

Jinyi Zudao’s shops have been renovated and do not look like they have been in business for 20 years. Although it is a foot-washing place, the garden-style decoration and elegant environment make a very comfortable first impression.

Jinyi Zudao has always been doing well, especially during the night when it tends to be busier, so it is recommended to make a reservation in advance, or else the waiting time might be long. It’s important to note that foot massage shops generally do not have storage lockers, and if you choose a foot massage in the hall, the environment can be relatively noisy with people coming and going, so be sure to take care of your personal belongings.

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Hotel preparations for Canton Fair in Guangzhou

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To welcome the arrival of the Canton Fair, hotels in Guangzhou have made numerous preparations to cater to the influx of foreign guests. These establishments have gone above and beyond to ensure that their services are not only top-notch but also tailored to meet the diverse needs of international visitors. From enhanced security measures to leisure activities and specialized massage services, each hotel strives to offer something unique to make their guests’ stay memorable.

Security is paramount, and Guangzhou hotels have significantly ramped up their efforts in this area to provide a safe and secure environment for all guests. This includes the installation of advanced surveillance systems, thorough background checks for staff, and the presence of security personnel around the clock. These measures ensure that guests can enjoy their stay with peace of mind, knowing that their safety is taken seriously.

When it comes to leisure, the hotels in Guangzhou offer a wide range of activities designed to help guests relax and unwind. Many hotels boast state-of-the-art fitness centers, swimming pools, and recreational areas where guests can engage in various sports and activities. Additionally, some hotels offer cultural experiences, such as traditional Chinese tea ceremonies or calligraphy classes, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the local culture.

Massage services in these hotels are not just about relaxation; they are an experience in themselves. With a focus on traditional Chinese massage techniques, guests can enjoy treatments that are both therapeutic and rejuvenating. These Guangzhou escort services often include acupressure, reflexology, and herbal treatments, providing a holistic approach to wellness. The masseurs are highly trained professionals who tailor their services to meet the individual needs of each guest, ensuring a personalized and exceptional experience.

The hotels in Guangzhou are fully prepared to welcome guests for the Canton Fair, offering an array of services that cater to the needs of foreign visitors. From ensuring their safety and security to providing leisure activities and specialized massage services, these hotels aim to offer an unparalleled experience that showcases the best of Chinese hospitality.

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